Politics and theater

Parliament disgraced it self yet again. The statement of the PM on the economic situation was a welcome window into the minds of the policracy. Perhaps it is the Shatrughan or Babbar effect, but may of the honorable members believe that they magnify their own self image by copying a fiery, rightious Bachan, a braggart […]

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Overhauling political institutions

The Aam Aurat finds it difficult to understand what the “policracy” does, though all agree that it is important for their welfare. Most believe that their local representatives (municipal corporators, MLA and MPs) have access vast amounts of disretionary public funds and access to “people who matter” who could get them a government job, get […]

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Hello government calling

Helping the poor is a complex  balancing act between tolerating the fiscal cost of leakages to ineligible persons and the social cost of a perception of inequity because of unfair exclusion of eligible persons. A similar amount as dole for all poor households (the new politically correct term for a “cash transfer”) irrespective of their […]

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The secret of the price of onions

Can democracy and public secrecy go together. It does in the USA, as Julian established and so i suppose we are doomed to accept it in India too. This is despite the much championed RTI…..a legislation which is as hollow as a bansuri (flute) but sounds as sweet. The government is effectively answerable only to […]

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Say no to the rule of the old

India looks its age at 66. Tired, despondent, shambolic, spiritless. Odd for a country where 50% of its population is below 15 and another 40% below 54 years of age. Part of the explanation is we die young of malnutrition, poor health care and (believe it or not snake bite) but the main reason is […]

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Invite the Dragon in

Indian trade diplomacy has an alarming tendency to score a self goal. Our approach to China is like that of a chimpanzee thumping its chest to imitate a gorilla. It is delusionary for India to think it can compete with China in what it is already an expert: the supply of manufacturers at affordable prices. […]

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Indian Rabudom and Baniagiri

Is India a land of Banias or Rajas, Babus and bonded labourers (the latter collectively termed “Rabudom”)? The anglo-west is clearly a land of banias (service with a smile, anything to improve the bottom line, everyone tries to work) as is China and East Asia.  South Asia (including India) and Africa are still caught in […]

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