On the Freeway to net zero

India, like the rest of the world, is not yet visibly on the freeway to net zero. Greta Thunberg and others of her persuasion believe this is because young people—future victims of climate change—are not in charge. This could well be true. But consider the recklessly fast-forwarded track for Artificial Intelligence (AI), Fintech, or social […]

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Decarbonization: Institutionally adrift

The late Atal Behari Vajpayee (Prime Minister of India in 1996 and 1998–2004) had a keen ear for technology. After listening patiently to complicated, technologically correct proposals, he could bring such high-level discussions down to earth by wondering how these “best in class” options could actually be implemented on the ground. Best in class options […]

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Valuing Our Common Future

Ecologists and environmental economists’ scorn how superficially countries maintain their financial and national accounts. Amounts spent on building human skills, providing education, nutrition, safeguarding health, land, air and water quality or forests are classified as consumption expenditure in the national accounts, except for the associated construction and equipment purchased. Budgetary allocations in India for such […]

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The cheetah returns: Rewilding India

The import of cheetahs from Namibia to diversify the fauna in our national parks, seven decades after it became extinct in India in 1952, is a tiny reminder of the many benefits of linking ever closer with Africa- the last frontier of abundant natural resources with the highest potential for future growth. Importing diversity This […]

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