Auld Lang Syne

The Scots are a practical people. What’s done is done and best forgot albeit with a tipple. If only we Indian’s were as straight thinking, life would be easier. Why waste time worrying about the past when you have a lifetime ahead of you. Of course Historians hate this approach since it does them out […]

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PM Modi “let it be”

PM Modi should consider listening to the “words of wisdom” in the famous 1970 Beatles hit –“Let it be”. Of course in this cruel results centric world of ours, only those who get going fast and hard survive. But there are virtues also to sometimes take a call and just let things be. Take for […]

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Get beyond the Lima “Lemon” to effective domestic climate governance

(photo credit: Climate change took the world by storm in 1995 –two decades ago in Berlin– with the 1997 Kyoto “club of doom” postulating devastation if carbon emissions- primarily from the use of fossil energy- were not reduced. The previous such “natural resources” doomsday club of scientists was the “Club of Rome”, which famously […]

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Gov. Rajan gets it wrong this time

(photo credit: economic RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan got it horribly wrong when he amended PM Modi’s “make in India” program by adding a “make for India” byline in his FICCI address yesterday. What on earth could he have meant? Was he implying that the domestic economy should be further insulated from foreign competition? That […]

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Can Modi Copy Deng?

(photo credit: The thought of Modi, an original and innovative doer if ever there was one, copying anyone, is so implausible that the first instinct is to perish the thought at birth. But it is interesting to list how Modi could “do a Deng” for India. Deng Xiaoping inherited a China wracked by the […]

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