God and Inclusive Growth

  Indians are born believing in God but get initiated into inclusion and growth. Conversely, Westerners are born believing in inclusion and growth but end up becoming devotees of God on reaching India. This illustrates how the two beliefs converge if citizens have the freedom to choose. Can the devotion that God inspires be evoked […]

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Najeeb Jung shines

By offering soft, warm, paranthas to Kejriwal to call off the AAP dharna, Jung, the new Lt. Governor of Delhi, has not only raised the culinary standards for political parleys but acted in a manner aligned to the high office he holds. In sharp contrast is the behavior of the Government of India’s Ministry of […]

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Kejriwal: triumphant in defeat

Kejriwal sleeping on the freezing ground by his Wagon R looks defenseless as a baby in the cold rain. But in his weakness lies his strength. He is the first Chief Minister to stage a dharna against the State. What does it is say of a State when a Chief Minister has to break the […]

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Bharat meets India via AAP

  Delhi chatterati has it’s knickers in a twist over the “outrageous” behaviour of two AAP ministers; Rakhi Birla and Somnath Bharti who wanted the police to take direct action last night against respectively (1) in-laws suspected to have burnt their daughter-in-law and (2) foreign drug peddlers. Bharat has at last met India and the […]

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Dr. Manmohan Singh: Down but not out

Dr. Manmohan Singh effectively bid goodbye today; declaring that he is not a candidate for being PM in 2014; expectedly, extolling the virtues of Rahul and somewhat unexpectedly, unleashing a personal attack against Modi, asserting that he would make a “disastrous” PM. Dr. Singh’s key virtue, as PM, was his personal honesty, in a polity […]

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