Bharat meets India via AAP


Delhi chatterati has it’s knickers in a twist over the “outrageous” behaviour of two AAP ministers; Rakhi Birla and Somnath Bharti who wanted the police to take direct action last night against respectively (1) in-laws suspected to have burnt their daughter-in-law and (2) foreign drug peddlers.

Bharat has at last met India and the shock is unpleasant to Delhi police, babus and gentle Delhi folks. Listen up guys this is nothing new. Bride burning is almost a national sport in India. Drug and sex crime similarly flourishes in the knowledge and with the full support of the police who also earn fat amounts out of the relationship.

Between the two “erring” ministers I prefer what Birla did. The cause is just. The provocation extreme. Hence action should have been immediate. It was not and she stepped in because it is her constituency. The minister wanted the door of the identified home where this crime happened broken down. The police refused. Would they have had the guts to refuse if either Modi or Rahul had wanted it done?


In India, the politicized, corrupt police apply the rules selectively. Zero tolerance for those who don’t bribe. Maximum latitude for those who do or the powerful. Let us not get lulled by the plaintive cry of babus who cite process and procedure as the culprits which tie their hands and delay justice. The plain fact is that if a bride is burnt and no action is taken by the police, the concerned SHO must herself face legal and disciplinary consequences.

Yes the AAP ministers are crude and uncouth. All first time grass roots parties are the same. Nehru was contemptuous of Sardar Patel and considered him “archaic”. Indira Gandhi was contemptuous of Morarji Bhai’s home grown remedies and of the Lohiaites like Raj Narain, who came to politics from the boondocks. Jyoti Basu turned his elegant nose up at Charu Mazumdar.  More recently the upper caste hereditary politicians look down their patrician noses at Modi, Bhenji, Didi and Mulayam but not Amma, who speaks in convent school perfect English. What blatant hypocrisy is this?

The case of Somnath Bharti, the AAPs embattled Law Minister is weaker. A court has indicted him for twisting and tampering with evidence whilst defending a corruption accused. Second, for a trained lawyer he displayed remarkable lack of respect for the Judiciary by trying to summon Judges to a conference presided by him. Now he has picked the wrong battle to fight.

It is no one’s case that drug peddling and prostitution are bad. It is well known that poor foreigners from Africa, East Europe and Egypt find the Indian market for illicit sex lucrative and there is a lot of illicit drugs and sex going around.

The real question is why is this the top most priority for Bharti and if it is then he is a lame duck. Those in public service must learn to pick the right battle and prioritize the problems they want to solve. The desire to appear on TV and in the media has to be curbed and Ministers need to spend time in their offices handling their portfolios, not go around like some medieval king in disguise at night, to find out what ails the people. Ministers must hand over local, constituency issues to experienced hands who are used to catering to the demands of individual constituents.

Kejriwal please discipline your flock of do-gooders if you want to stay the course to 2014. Please don’t alienate the babus. Take them with you. It works better that way. Ask Modi he knows.  

One thought on “Bharat meets India via AAP

  1. You are aright in saying that they have to pick the right battles. If they fight out one case they only resolve that issue and have some demonstration effect. If they fix the system and make it more transparent their impact is much greater. They could end up making a huge change for the better.

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