Musk storms the tweeters nest hoping the bird will fly

2 thoughts on “Musk storms the tweeters nest hoping the bird will fly

  1. Just read this very well written article of yours

    🧐 A sanitized Twitter would be an advertiser’s graveyard.

    The man is a genius PERIOD

    Mark my words – To my mind he is quite literally in the league with Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein.

    Think like this – To funds his ideas with his own money (not many people do that), case in point his 3rd or 4th rocket 🚀 landed and if it wouldn’t have landed, he wouldn’t be where he is today – Agreed…

    Gutsy !! He was asking for money for food and rent from friends during that phase in life..

    He will make it a platform of choice for people…

    👁️wait and watch👁️

    1. yes indeed Musk is one of a kind. But u are right he plays with his own money. It fits in because once you borrow cash and leverage your equity you are constrained by the limited wisdom of the organized investor community, who are mostly bean counters -even those who count big beans! Merry Christmas.

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