Only credible leaders can skill the youth

India produces around 1,600 films annually, which gross $2 billion on 2.6 billion tickets sold. Other revenues are additional.

Skilling is a public good but with strong private good characteristics.

Gajendra Chauhan President of FTII should have proved his support amongst the agitating students via a referendum like PM Tsipras did in Greece

The elephant in the room is getting the maximum bang for the buck. Spend on skilling should result in people getting employment.

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When I’m 64

(photo credit: wikipedia) Paul McCartney -he of the long, brown hair who hung out in the company of the Beatles in the 1960s-wrote this song when he was just 16. Clearly he was not an economist and didn’t need to be hesitant about asking his “love” to project forward by 48 years, her likely feelings […]

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