What now Mr. Kejriwal?


What was Kejriwal thinking on his flight back from Varanasi yesterday? Did he reflect on how difficult it is in a competitive environment to get a second chance? Where would he have been, had he not frittered away his government in Delhi for a notional presence pan-India?

Maybe he was caught up in the colorful, marketing jargon, which is so popular today, to explain the “why” and the “how “of politics in a four second TV byte. Maybe he believes that he has launched a Unilever style product-shampoo in a sachet-affordable even by the aam admi and that this will be the basis of a pan Indian political empire. A top down campaign, with credibility in Delhi, translating into votes everywhere in 2019 (?) or maybe even 2024? Maybe he pondered over how to leverage himself as a brand better- an anti-corruption crusader; a karamyogi who has sacrificed a brilliant career for public service; a Gandhi (Mahatma) incarnate; a 21st century social reformer?

Possibly he does not think in the self-serving calculus of electoral gain and loss and seeks only to elevate the level at which politics is played by opening a door for decent folk, who otherwise would never have sullied their manicured toenails in the keechad of politics where the lotus blooms and the Congress mucks about.

Alternatively, he may think that a pan India campaign could surely lay a solid ground for the Delhi elections when they are held. His entire national team, which must number now close to 20,000, could descend on Delhi (RSS style) and escort every AAP voter to their booth….if they haven’t already been captured by the RSS or a desperate Congress?

Maybe he actually thinks he will win in Varanasi-that niggling (what if) last thought that smuggles its way in, just as you have drunk the “nimbu pani” and eaten the “veg” sandwich and are drifting off to snooze land, your “jhadu topi” slanted over his eyes, to screen the bright sunshine out and your seat fully reclined.

Possibly he was working out strategies to convince the Delhi voter that voting AAP is not the same as pushing the NOTA button. That this time they would be there to stay and work, not run about like a consultant, signing contracts everywhere, but executing none satisfactorily.

Is it time, Mr. Kejriwal to merge into the great Indian political mela? Is it time to build alliances with like- minded parties? The left is your natural abode. For all your talk of supporting the private sector you are a quintessential public sector man. This happens often with those, like you, who know how rapacious and self-serving small business can be. You forget that the rapaciousness of the Indian Bania is not built into her genes. It is an outcome of surviving for centuries on their own with no one else to protect them or their assets, but themselves and in the face of a grasping State which seeks only to marginalize them in the name of modernity.

Business is often a “winner takes all” game and inevitably results in huge concentration of wealth in a few hands. This is why inequality has grown significantly all over the world as business has flourished. This will not set well with your fuzzy, socialism and “equity” over growth, orientation. Be clear for once. The aam admi can never hope to have an equitable share in the wealth generated, if private business is to grow the economy. The problem is that only private business can grow the economy. But whilst growth is inherently iniquitous there are ways to induce a modicum of equity by providing opportunities to everyone. There is no option to rapid growth……to borrow from Churchill’s take on Democracy. Your fuzzy philosophy and panchayat penchant will not be able to accept this hard fact. That is why common cause with the Left is best.

Of course no one wants to side with a loser. In fact mere association with the tired shibboleths of the Left, are enough to put any voter off. But then you will not find gold plated options for getting into government every day. Possibly you and your supporters could revitalize the tired, old, men and women of the Left with your youthful energy. You share many of the virtues of the Left; austerity; financial integrity; a mass contact strategy; cadre based functioning; inner party democracy, a concern for visible equity.

Alternatively you could also align with the BJP/RSS who also share these virtues. Both you and Modi appeal to the same, young, aspirational voter who has remained an “outsider”. But of course you do not align with anyone. Good luck Mr. Kejriwal.


One thought on “What now Mr. Kejriwal?

  1. Like the concluding line. Good Luck Mr. Kejriwal. Hope your party gets at least 5 MP’s. Those 5 could provide a better opposition than all the rest put together. Unfortunately both Kejriwal and Yogendra Yadav appear to be loosing their seats. Punjab and Delhi might give India its best opposition MP’s from AAP.

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