Violence in Lord Krishna’s town

June 3, 2016 things reach a head in Mathura, a pilgrim town two hours by road from Delhi towards Agra.


Lord Krishan’s Temple Mathura. photo credit:

The hot spot is a 200 acre plus public park, occupied in 2014 by a set of criminals and land grabbers, masquerading as social revivalist and curiously, political anarchist associations camps in the public park on their way to Delhi, from Sagar in Madhya Pradesh, to demonstrate against the Union government policies.

Lord Krishna’s land seems attractive to them. The land-rich public park even more so. They dig in and grow in numbers over time to around 3000. They establish a self-ruled colony – as most slums are- under the nose of the District police office. They play the political game to resist eviction, even thought the town residents want them out. The local police, ever hesitant to take strict action per law, least they upset the apple cart and displease someone important in Lucknow or Delhi, play possum. A convenient route for inaction is found. Register a Public Interest Litigation with the Allahabad High Court. The expectation is that the case will drag on for generations. Meanwhile the status quo can be preserved.

math mathura

The massed “human shields” behind which the land grabbers hid photo credit:

The Hon’ble High Court refuses to play ball. It swiftly orders the eviction of the interlopers. Cut to a young, conscientious, police officer – Mukul Dwivedi, Superintendent of Police (City) who leads from the front. Santosh Kumar Yadav, the Station House Officer of Farrah is with him. The task is difficult. The interlopers are armed to the teeth- guns, bombs and full of bravado. The police is aware of their arsenal. But they make the fatal error of underestimating the determination of the interlopers.

The police force is met with bullets, bombs, bursting gas cylinders and mayhem and is brutally beaten up. The SP dies from his wounds. The SHO is shot dead. Scores of policemen are injured. More police forces arrive. They retaliate with bullets. 22 interlopers are shot dead, beaten up or burnt to death in the ensuing melee.

the blazing battle

The blazing battle of Jawahar Park: Photo credit:

The blame for letting the situation get out of control is, as usual, put on the local police and district administration. Indeed they are to blame, because they had the powers to evict the interlopers long back, but did nothing.

But the price in blood is paid by the officers on the spot. The state government awards each of the families of the two police officers callously murdered, a grant of Rs 20 Lakhs each. Jobs for family members follow. The healing touch is applied to the living.

The real question is, what has the incident done for the image of the police and their morale. No one wants to die in vain. Mukul Dwivedi and Santosh Kumar Yadav would gladly have given their lives, if by “giving up their today they could build a better tomorrow for their colleagues in the police”. But have they?

Read the anguish expressed in a characteristically mild manner letter of condolence (below) by the officers recruited in 1980 to the IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS, IC&ES and the IAAS  via the common UPSC examination. Most (including this writer) have retired. Those that still serve do so in leadership positions in the Union government and state governments. Other than the cohort camaraderie, what this group of 67 shares is despair, that the civil services should have come to this- where institutional inaction imperils their very lives.


Shri S Javeed Ahmad, IPS, Director General of Police

Uttar Pradesh Shasan, Lucknow.<>

Shri Alok Ranjan, IAS, Chief Secretary, Govt of UP <>

Shri Akhilesh Yadav, Hon’ble Chief Minister, Govt. of UP. <>

Shri Rajnath Singh, Hon’ble Home Minister, Govt. of India <,>

June 6, 2016

Condolence message from 1980 batch AIS and Central Service Group A officers on the martyrdom of brave hearts: Mukul Dwivedi SP (City) and Santosh Kumar SHO Farah, Mathura


We, the serving and retired officers of the 1980 batch of the AIS and Central Services Group A, deeply condole the untimely and violent death of Shri Mukul Dwivedi, SP (City), Mathura and Shri Santosh Kumar Yadav, SHO, Farah, Mathura.

We strongly condemn the perpetrators of this murderous assault on police officers performing their duties. We hope that an enquiry will swiftly identify the culprits and ensure that they are punished under law.

These brave officers have paid the final price in the call of duty to implement the orders of the Hon’ble High Court of Allahabad, in difficult circumstances, which were out of their control.

In doing so, they have held high the tradition of “service before self”, with courage and dedication and amply displayed their deep commitment to maintaining the Rule of Law. They have made us all proud.

Please convey our heartfelt grief to the families of the deceased police officers. We all stand with them in their hour of deepest sorrow.

We are also contributing Rs 50,000/- directly to each of the families of Shri Mukul Dwivedi SP (City) Mathura and Shri Santosh Kumar Yadav, SHO Farah, Mathura as a small token of our respect for the supreme sacrifice made by these two brave hearts.


  1. Gurjit Singh, IFS, Ambassador of India to Germany
  2. Javed Ahmed, IPS (MH), Ambassador of India to Saudi Arabia
  3. Vinod Aggarwal, IAS (JH) Secretary, National Commission for Scheduled Castes.
  4. Ram Tirath, IRS, Member, CBEC, GOI
  5. Ananya Ray, IRS, Member, CBEC, GOI
  6. K.C. Jain IRS, Principal Director, Income Tax, Delhi
  7. Naini Dhillon, IAS (UT) Secretary, Interstate Council, GOI
  8. Satya Mohanty IAS (AP), Secretary, National Human Rights Commission
  9. Vijay Anand, IRS, AS, ISRO
  10. Anthony Desa, IAS. Chief Secretary, Madhya Pradesh
  11. Rakesh Garg, IAS (UP) Secretary, Minorities Commission, GOI
  12. Thubdan Gomphel Negi, IAS (HP) State Election Commissioner
  13. T.P. Seetharam, IFS, Ambassador of India to the UAE

14.Upendra Tripathi, IAS (KN) Secretary, Ministry of Renewable Energy, GOI

15.Smita Chugh, IAS (JH), Member Secretary, Tariff Commission, DIPP, GOI

16. Sujata Mehta, IFS, Secretary (West), Ministry of External Affairs, GOI

17. Shanker Aggarwal, IAS (UP) Secretary, Ministry of Labour and Employment, GOI

18. Ashok Lavasa, IAS (HY) Finance Secretary, Govt. of India

19. Rajiva Misra, IFS, Ambassador of India to Austria

20. Aradhana Johri, IAS (UP) Chairperson, NACWC

21.Ashok Shekhar, IAS (RJ) Addl. Chief Secretary, Rajasthan

22. Amitabh Kant, IAS Retd, (KL), CEO Niti Ayog

23. Shanti Jain IPS Retd. (UT), Member, Police Complaints Authority, Delh

24. K.P. Raghuvanshi, IPS Retd. (MH) Advisor Security, RBI

25. Ajit Kumar, IAS Retd. (BH) Vice Chancellor, NIFTEM

26. Sanjay Panda, IAS Retd. (TR) Chairman, Executive Committee for Skill Development, Tripura

  • DP Singh IAS Retd. (UP)
  • Sunil Arora IAS Retd. (RJ)
  • Navneet Wasan IPS Retd, (AP)
  • Vivek Harinarain, IAS Retd. (TN)
  • T.S. Appa Rao, IAS Retd. (AP)
  • Malini Thadani, IRS Retd.
  • Rajesh Kishore, IAS Retd. (GJ)
  • Maheshwar Sahu, IAS Retd. (GJ)
  • C.V.S.K Sarma, IAS Retd. (AP)
  • K.K. Maheshwari, IPS Retd.
  • PK Patnaik IAS Retd. (BH)
  • P.C. Sharma IAS Retd. (UTT)
  • S. Srinivasan, IAS Retd. (KN)
  • V. Ramani, IAS Retd. (MH)
  • Ambassador Radha Ranjan Dash, IFS Retd.
  • Sharad Bhansali, IRS Retd.
  • Shishir Priyadarshi, IAS Retd. (UP)
  • Atul Gupta, IAS Retd. (RJ)
  • Samir Mathur, IAS Retd. (HY)
  • Rajendra Kumar, IPS Retd, (AM)
  • N.P. Singh, IPS Retd. (TN)
  1. P.S. Kathiresan, IAS Retd (TN)
  2. Raghu Nadadur, IAS Retd. (KN)
  • Sunit Kumar, IPS Retd. (BH)
  • Ashwini Kumar, IPS Retd.
  • Udayan Mukherji, IPS Retd.
  • S.M. Jaamdar, IAS Retd.

54.Vijay Laxmi Joshi IAS Retd (GJ)

55.Kameshwari Subramanian IRS, Retd

56.T. Balakrishnan, IAS Retd. (KL)

57.Shri Krishen, IAS Retd. (UP)

58.Jagannath Chamber, IAS Retd. (UP)

  1. P.K. Mohanty IAS Retd. (KL)

60.Ambassador R. Swaminathan, IFS Retd.

61.Surjit Kumar, IAS Retd. (TN)

62.Amita Misra, IAAS Retd.

63.Nandita Bakshi, IRS Retd.

64.Neeraj Jain, IAS (MT)

65.Neera Saggi, IAS (WB)

66.Harsh Mander Singh, IAS (MP)

67.Sanjeev S Ahluwalia IAS Retd. (UP)





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